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“We have been friends with the PomPom home family for over 20 years. She loves her Poms and is incredibly talented. This is Lucca, he is our 2nd from pompom homes. We are big dog people, but her Poms have won our hearts. Lucca is smart, confident, puppy-energetic and loving. You will love working with PomPom Homes.”


Good morning, it has been 3 days now and little Emily is starting to familiarize herself with her new surrounding. Good thing is she isn’t very shy, so i think she’ll easily warm up to everyone at home in less than no time.

Norah Lane

Hi there, i just want to inform you that i did receive my pom puppy earlier this morning. After talking to so many different breeders. I just did not feel comfortable with buying a puppy from them like i did with you. I appreciate all of your help and just want to say thank you.


“I am so happy that I found you and want to thank you so much for my amazing little Presley! After searching and searching, I knew when I met you and your poms, there was something magical happening and boy was I right!!! She is so amazing and adjusted immediately when I got her home. I was prepared to get little sleep to help calm her, but to my amazement she goes to bed at night and waits for me to wake up. She instantly bonded with us and her new home as if she had been born here.

Mike Osla

“PomPom Home are caring breeder that makes sure their puppies are well matched to the new puppy owners. The puppies are healthy, contented, calm and intelligent as well as socialized and beautiful. We feel very lucky that we have two of the most beautiful poms in the world!”

Gemma Pete